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Remainders: Fewer weak students at campus schools, UFT says

  • A union analysis shows that small schools on shared campuses enroll fewer weak students. (Edwize)
  • Rick Hess is proactively drafting a 2020 history of the Common Core’s first 10 years. (Straight Up)
  • What this week’s Supreme Court arguments about health care have to do with education. (NSVF)
  • A push for universal schooling has worked, overwhelming some countries’ school systems. (Opinionator)
  • NYCSA’s Bill Phillips: The Regents are finally toughening charter school accountability. (Chalkboard)
  • Students at Bronx Guild HS have started planting what would be the city’s biggest orchard. (DNA Info)
  • Colleges are using data to predict who will pass before classes begin. (Inside Higher Ed via Hechinger)
  • A teacher describes two ways of introducing fractions to his third-grade students. (Mr. Foteah)
  • A city teacher who was terminated in 2010 is making a case against the city on his blog. (Teddy Smith)
  • State education chiefs are frustrated that Congress isn’t tackling big education priorities. (Politics K-12)