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Remainders: UFT reassessing its alliances post-pension deal

  • The UFT is “reevaluating all of [its] relationships” with lawmakers after pension changes. (Daily Politics)
  • A physical education teacher at a Brooklyn high school was arrested on sex abuse charges. (DNA Info)
  • The long and tortuous story of an unlikely football powerhouse, a small D.C. school. (Grantland)
  • Students at Los Angeles’s Locke High School offer a high-production rap video about testing. (YouTube)
  • A crackdown on bake sales hasn’t curbed sky-high sugar intake at one mother’s school. (Insideschools)
  • Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is blaming school woes on Arne Duncan’s tenure. (Politico via Russo)
  • A principal advises against “winner’s peace” sanctions in student-on-student conflict. (Practical Theory)
  • Students at three shared campuses in Brooklyn authored a report on easing co-locations. (SchoolBook)
  • States have varied widely in their approach to distributing School Improvement Grants. (Politics K-12)
  • School officials across the country are optimistic about SIG grants two years into them. (Politics K-12)
  • Some charter schools’ recruitment conjures a suggestion that the market is saturated. (NYC P.S. Parents)