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Remainders: Casey: ‘Big Muddy’ applies to DOE’s missteps

  • UFT’s Leo Casey would like to adjust Mayor Bloomberg’s “Big Muddy” education analogy. (EdWize)
  • A student critiques his eighth-grade self as he works through ninth grade at P-TECH. (Smarter Planet)
  • Liza Featherstone: February’s PEP meeting proves more than ever a need for change. (Brooklyn Rail)
  • Even teachers in New Jersey are defending the city teacher pilloried in the New York Post. (Capital NY)
  • The Gates Foundation seems to be making fewer and fewer grants to charter schools. (Russo)
  • Joshua Greenman defends value-added reports, despite the fact that they confuse many.  (Daily News)
  • Parent recounts the trials of her first foray into elementary school theater production. (Schoolbook)
  • Advocates for Children criticizes Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to restructure early intervention. (InsideSchools)
  • Advocate calls for parents and educators to pay more attention to education opportunity gaps. (Edvox)
  • The new schools opening this year include a harvest theme and a health sciences theme. (Schoolbook)
  • Principals of two new schools set to open in Union Square describe their recruiting efforts. (WNYC)
  • Queens English teacher wins $25,000 foundation prize for literature-focused teaching. (Schoolbook)
  •  Education Sec. Arne Duncan calls for educators to strengthen and grow arts programs. (U.S. DOE)
  • House education committee has put off debate over science testing in NCLB law. (Curriculum Matters)
  • An homage to Dr. Seuss takes on the National Education Association. (Ed is Watching)