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Rise & Shine: Bronx parents say city isn’t tackling overcrowding

  • The City Council grilled DOE officials about their efforts to claim more Medicaid funds. (SchoolBook, Post)
  • Juan Gonzalez: Parents at P.S. 119 in the Bronx say the city is downplaying its crowding. (Daily News)
  • Parents at P.S. 119 say they worry the neighborhood can’t handle a new middle school. (Daily News)
  • A school opening this falls aims to offer high-level computer science to all students. (GothamSchools)
  • The city’s value-added initiative was an early entrant to a fast-changing national field. (GothamSchools)
  • A Queens teacher at a top school won a $25,000 award from a national foundation. (Daily News)
  • Buffalo wants chronically absent students not to factor into new teacher evaluations. (Buffalo News)
  • A Texas college with many immigrant students doesn’t want to be judged by its graduation rate. (Times)
  • Los Angeles is banning a reading strategy that involves blindfolding out of abuse fears. (L.A. Times)