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Remainders: Meet a 17-year-old eighth-grade dropout-to-be

  • A teacher shares the story of an eighth-grader in her class who is 17 and seeking a GED. (SchoolBook)
  • Senate Republicans have pitched a budget amendment to allow for-profit charter schools. (Brooklyn Rail)
  • A charter school head laments State Sen. Bill Perkins’ behavior at a recent public hearing. (Harlem Link)
  • A Kansas school district with tiny classes and little diversity posts consistently high scores. (Hechinger)
  • Ed Sec Arne Duncan said many schools that got SIG grants posted “double-digit” gains. (Politics K-12)
  • A student at Eleanor Roosevelt High School comments on a report about principal quality. (HuffPo Teen)
  • A plea for John Dewey High School’s post-turnaround survival from a former teacher. (Mutterschwester)
  • Teach for America is planning to install teachers in a large for-profit charter network. (Answer Sheet)
  • The Klein-Rice committee report concludes that education is a national security issue. (HuffPo)
  • Weighing parent trigger laws, which let parents turn schools into charter schools. (Room for Debate)
  • After a scary situation, students who don’t read use the middle-school library as refuge. (Ed on the Plate)
  • Lisa Delpit, author of “Other People’s Children,” offers her prescription for school reform. (The Nation)
  • Will Johnson: My students don’t suffer from overconfidence; instead, they fear failure. (GS Community)