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Rise & Shine: Manhattan high school is top pick for second year

  • High school admit data showed a slight uptick in diversity at elite schools. (GothamSchools, Times, AP)
  • The school ranked first most often was again Baruch College Campus High School. (Insideschools, Post)
  • Queens parents and politicians don’t like the city’s plans to turn around local schools. (Daily News)
  • Students at John Dewey HS say they’re being bullied and the city won’t let them transfer. (Daily News)
  • Williamsburg parents are suing over Success Charter Network’s engagement efforts. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • An appeals court ruled churches should be allowed to use city school buildings until June. (NY1, Times)
  • A charter school version of Eagle Academy, the city’s network of boys schools, will open in Newark. (AP)
  • A judge did not require bail for the latest city school worker accused of sexual misconduct. (Post)
  • San Francisco dropped seniority layoffs in a limited policy designed to protect recent hires. (Chronicle)
  • Los Angeles could soon do away with a policy that removes misconduct files after four years. (L.A. Times)
  • Los Angeles is also revising a draconian truancy law that meant students were arrested at school. (NPR)