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Nearly a decade of closures and closure plans, all mapped out

The 23 schools that the Panel for Educational Policy could vote to close or shrink tonight would join more than 100 other schools shuttered in the last decade.

We put together a map that shows the 113 schools that have been partially or completely phased out under the Bloomberg administration alongside the 23 schools that could join them tonight. We also included the 33 schools that the city has said it would require to undergo “turnaround,” a process that entails closing a school and reopening it immediately after changing its name and at least 50 percent of its teachers.

New schools have opened in the buildings where schools have closed, and evidence suggests that the high schools in particular are better than those they replaced. But the Bloomberg administration has also proposed closing 11 schools this year that replaced schools it closed in the past.

The map is interactive so be sure to click around to explore.

View map on GeoCommons

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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