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Remainders: Cheese, yogurt on the line on Super Bowl Sunday

  • A dairy industry lobbying group has masterminded a Super Bowl bet between schools. (SchoolBook)
  • Educators receive some love from a teacher-themed spin-off of the “Hey Girl” Tumblr trend. (Tumblr)
  • The Common Core’s approach to “pre-reading” conflicts with Doug Lemov’s. (Common Core Watch)
  • The P.S. 22 chorus joined Mayor Bloomberg at yesterday’s Groundhog Day ceremonies. (Chorus Blog)
  • High school students share reasons they are protesting plans to close their schools. (NY P.S. Parent)
  • Former schools chancellor Joel Klein describes his vision for classroom technology. (Huffington Post)
  • The city teachers union, like Mayor Bloomberg and many others, donated to Planned Parenthood. (UFT)
  • Advocates call for state’s NCLB waiver application to include ELL supports. (Learning the Language)
  • A New Hampshire middle school teacher and parent probes the value of homework. (Motherlode)
  • An association of governors tells Congress to give states more leway in renewed NCLB. (Politics K-12)