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Remainders: Predicting just “O.K.” high school match options

  • Parsing the list of high schools with open spots for schools that might be good picks. (Insideschools)
  • Teacher Laura Klein: My students’ high school options will turn out to be just okay. (SchoolBook)
  • Contextualizing the Teacher Data Report release in a growing list of city ed policy missteps. (Russo)
  • Breaking down how the city’s major print and TV news organizations have covered TDRs. (Capital NY)
  • Responding to the TDRs, Leonie Haimson has foiled for DOE officials’ performance reviews. (Ed Notes)
  • A review of teacher-rating reporting shows it’s easier to gather data than make use of it. (Atlantic)
  • Diane Ravitch: The scores are just another reason why teachers are demoralized. (Bridging Differences)
  • After moving to high school, a former middle school teacher seeks solidarity. (Miss Eyre/NYC Educator)
  • New York turned in its NCLB waiver application today, along with 26 other state and D.C. (Politics K-12)
  • An argument that test-based teacher evaluations unfortunately bypass principals. (Common Core Watch)
  • Jose Vilson: Teachers of color are just like other teachers, but they also add something special. (GOOD)
  • A teacher weighs female colleagues’ talk and what, as a man, he can’t say to students. (NYC Educator)
  • A parent-teacher conference in a school with many ELLs takes a surprising turn. (Accountable Talk)
  • Mayor Bloomberg and his L.A. and Chicago counterparts will talk schools on Friday. (Politics Now)
  • A graduate of the city’s first KIPP charter school describes how it changed his life. (Yale Herald)