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What Is Progressive About Education Today? Talk w/ Adam Gopnik

Is an intensive education essential to a child’s development? How does nature fit into high-tech education? Are innate abilities and learned skills in conflict?

Part novel, part treatise, Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Emile, or On Education profoundly influenced modern philosophies of education by laying the foundation for a system emphasizing human goodness, learning by doing, and a return to nature. Join theorists and practitioners for a discussion, led by Adam Gopnik, on the relevance of Rousseau’s ideas in contemporary pedagogy. Delicacies from Geneva will be served.

Moderator: Adam Gopnik (The New Yorker)

Panelists: Michel Butor (writer; former Dean of the Faculty of Letters, University of Geneva), Megan Laverty (Associate Professor, Philosophy and Education Program, Arts and Humanities, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York), Jean-Michel Olivier (Professor; winner of 2010 Prix Interallié for L’Amour Nègre), Shimon Waronker (Headmaster, the New American Academy; Presidential Fellow, Harvard Urban Superintendents Doctoral Program)

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