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Rise & Shine: Bill Gates calls teacher data release "big mistake"

  • Bill Gates: Releasing teachers’ performance ratings would be a “big mistake,” educationally. (Times)
  • A city charter school’s closure has spurred talk about how to help struggling charters. (GothamSchools)
  • On average, five students a day were arrested in schools last fall. (GS, Post, Daily News, SB, NY1)
  • Five career and technical schools will open in the Bronx, replacing ones that are closing. (Daily News)
  • Parents in Queens want the city to keep its promise to open a citywide gifted middle school. (Daily News)
  • Follow-up was not swift or even present after a mother said her autistic son was abused at P.S. 94. (NY1)
  • A tour of DOE headquarters soothed parents whose local school will open there. (Downtown Express)
  • Five state school districts had federal grants restored to their schools, but not the city. (GothamSchools)
  • Chicago’s school board voted to overhaul or close 17 struggling schools. (WSJ, Tribune, Sun-Times)