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Remainders: Nostalgia for an earlier time in teacher evaluations

  • A UFT chapter leader recalls what he says was a sunnier time for teacher evaluations. (Labor Lessons)
  • More experts warn about problems with the Teacher Data Reports the city is releasing. (DNAInfo)
  • A roundup of city Teacher Data Reports debate — past, present, and probably future. (Teacher Beat)
  • The New York Times will publish the reports tomorrow and wants teachers to weigh in. (SchoolBook)
  • A look at whether value-added models like the TDRs’ controls for students’ socioeconomics. (Shanker)
  • Stepping inside Opportunity Charter School, which won the right to stay open for two years. (DNAInfo)
  • The fight over Williamsburg Success Charter School is between old-timers and gentrifiers. (Capital NY)
  • Teacher Stephen Lazar is helping to open the sustainability-themed Harvest School. (Outside the Cave)
  • A Queens school aide was charged with molesting students in the fifth arrest this month. (City Room)
  • D.C. wants to be able to authorize charter schools again; it lost the right in 2007. (D.C. Schools Insider)
  • A former textbook developer tells all about the state of education publishing. (Salon via Core Knowledge)
  • Teachers at an L.A. school are attempting turnaround with a new curriculum. (Zocalo Public Square)