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Remainders: Advocates call attention to city's Asian students

  • Advocates for the city’s Asian students say privacy laws prevent their needs from being met. (EdWeek)
  • UFT VP Leo Casey analyzes the state’s evalss deal and argues that some criticism is off-base. (Edwize)
  • With skeptics watching, a child tackles math using an approach used in some city schools. (YouTube)
  • Students’ entries for a contest to design next year’s high school directory are due Friday. (NYC DOE)
  • One of probably many, many teaching-related entries into the “What I Really Do” meme. (Russo)
  • A Stuyvesant HS teacher continues his critique of the state’s recent math exams. (Gary Rubinstein 1, 2)
  • Seven tips for teachers who want to become better bloggers. (Charting My Own Course)
  • An explanation of just why the city schools are off this week (echoing our 2009 explainer). (SchoolBook)
  • The city is planning to buy empty lots to build a new elementary school in Woodside. (Queens Courier)
  • An advocate of parent trigger policies says the trigger’s failure in California is appropriate. (Flypaper)
  • See a computer lab that a teacher will be closed when a charter school moves in. (Inside Colocation)
  • A retired testing expert says New York’s tests are flawed and should be boycotted. (NYC P.S. Parents)