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Remainders: City wants memorial to ousted principal removed

  • Parents defend memorial to Shuang Wen School’s ousted principal after city calls for removal. (DNAinfo)
  • Finalists from the Great American Teach-Off discuss the future of their profession. (GOOD)
  • A teacher compares Race to the Top competition to the Hunger Games novels. (School Ecosystem)
  • Queens parents, educators, and politicians met to discuss struggling high schools. (Queens Tribune)
  • Principal Carol Burris criticizes the state’s teacher evaluation agreement. (NYC Public School Parent)
  • Brooklyn parents are pressing the city to speed up toxic PCB testing. (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • 311 has provided some parents with misinformation about new UES elementary school. (DNAinfo)
  • Teacher describes how teaching five periods straight led to illness. (DOENUTS Blog)
  • Principals’ union president Ernest Logan urges SED not to approve turnaround plans. (GS Scribd)
  • San Diego Unified School District struggles to serve 3,500 homeless students. (KBPS)
  • Father at elementary school rocked by sexual misconduct allegations shares advice. (Insideschools)
  • Goldstein: “Differentiated instruction” needed in Core Curriculum for ELL students. (Schoolbook)
  • Cuts in federal subsidies for AP exams will raise their costs for low-income students. (Schoolbook)
  • City and State is hosting a panel on college readiness next week. (GS Calendar)
  • Education Sec. Arne Duncan stuck to talking points in Daily Show appearance. (Washington Post)
  • State’s evaluation deal is vague on ways to help struggling teachers improve. (Quick and the Ed)
  • President Obama’s new budget proposes cuts to NAEP testing program. (Curriculum Matters)