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Remainders: Charter school eyeing Governor's Island space

  • The High School of Fashion Industries is mourning a principal who retired 21 years ago. (Facebook)
  • Minnesota took a legislative step toward jettisoning seniority-based layoffs today. (Star-Tribune)
  • A Newark-based charter school wants to open the second school on Governor’s Island. (DNA Info)
  • Of 839 questions asked in 20 Republican debates this year, 12 were about education. (Guardian UK)
  • An argument that even liberal homeschooling is actually pretty conservative, values-wise. (Slate)
  • A teacher who taught South Bronx students to farm is taking his show on the road. (Metrofocus)
  • A story of last week’s PEP meeting from the perspective of two teachers who Occupied it. (Indypendent)
  • A program to prep low-income students for specialized high schools is opening wider. (Insideschools)
  • A judge gave churches set to be evicted from city school buildings a 10-day reprieve. (SchoolBook)
  • Inspired by Tim Tebow, an exploration of homeschoolers’ rights to school sports. (School of Thought)
  • A request: If newspapers print teachers’ ratings, they should print the margins of error, too. (Shanker)
  • In the third school arrest this week, A Queens teacher was charged with molesting students. (City Room)