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Teachers, not politicians, are the subject of UFT's latest TV ad

If the UFT’s television ads are really as effective as Mayor Bloomberg says, the status of teachers is set to rise with the newest one.

An ad that aired late last month took aim at the mayor’s education record, and last week, Bloomberg blamed the attack for his low public approval on education.

The ad premiering today takes a softer approach by focusing on the hard work of teachers and not even mentioning Bloomberg’s name. Titled “Better Future,” the ad showcases four teachers working with students and meeting with parents.

“My students inspire me, and they should inspire us all,” says Christine Wong, a special education teacher who works in Manhattan.

“When they succeed, it’s good for the whole city,” adds Gregory Tulloch, a culinary arts teacher at Food and Finance High School.

“So I don’t get it: Why do some politicians go after teachers?” asks Noemi Medina, a fourth-grade English as a second language teacher in Brooklyn.

“I’m problem-solver, a coach, a mentor. Every day’s a challenge — and I love it,” Medina says later in the 30-second ad.

The ad, which coincides with a high-stakes week in which the city and union must agree on new teacher evaluations or risking ceding control to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, concludes with UFT President Michael Mulgrew surrounded by a smiling, nodding group of students.

“Work with us for better schools and a brighter future for all our students,” Mulgrew says before turning to a boy at his left and asking, “Right?”

“Right!” the children echo back.

Union officials said the ad would start airing today on New York-area TV stations and is set to reach more than 8 million viewers multiple times each during programs as varied as “Inside City Hall,” “Top Chef,” Knicks games, and “Jeopardy!”

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