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Remainders: Chicago charters make bank with discipline tactic

  • A Chicago charter school network earned $200,000 by fining students for discipline infractions. (CNC)
  • City high schools with top progress report grades had few self-contained special ed students. (WNYC)
  • The head of a Success Academy charter school says he wants to model work-life balance. (SchoolBook)
  • Newark is building a “Teachers’ Village” to encourage educators to live in the city’s heart. (The Nation)
  • An Orlando charter school has 50 percent students with disabilities — and does well. (State Impact)
  • A Georgia superintendent has premiered his school reform plan as the “Macon Miracle.” (GPB)
  • TedXNYED is holding an open casting call for city teachers with stories to tell or lesson to share. (TED)
  • An in-depth look at Memphis’s possible consolidation, which could threaten recent reforms. (Atlantic)
  • The Queens borough president’s pick for the PEP explains his “no” vote on closures. (NYC P.S. Parents)