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Remainders: Sex abuse charges for a second school aide

  • For the second time this week, a school aide was arrested on sexual abuse charges. (Schoolbook)
  • Walcott and Mulgrew shook hands and made nice for the cameras at a “respect” summit. (Capital NY)
  • A teacher blogs that student input on teacher evals can balance out test scores and observations. (Chaz)
  • On her last day before headed to NewsCorp., Natalie Ravitz announces replacement. (GS Twitter)
  • Money from the city’s middle school plan is going to reading instruction at 18 schools. (Schoolbook)
  • The Mayor questioned the financial wisdom behind Quinn’s call for universial kindergarten. (Metropolis)
  • Insights into advice Joel Klein gave Rupert Murdoch on the phonetapping scandal. (BusinessWeek)
  • A researcher says solutions to eliminatethe rich-poor achievement gap are “overflowing.” (AnswerSheet)