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Rise & Shine: Late-night vote shutters all or part of 23 schools

  • The PEP voted to close or shrink 23 schools after a tense meeting. (GS, NY1, Daily News, Times, Post)
  • Council Speaker Christine Quinn proposed CUNY funding and mandatory kindergarten. (Daily News)
  • Comptroller John Liu, also running for mayor, said Quinn did not articulate an education vision. (WSJ)
  • New research shows that the achievement gap between affluent and poor students is growing. (Times)
  • A Hoover Institution Fellow advocates for city teachers to receive letter-graded report cards. (Post)
  • The P.S. 243 aide accused of sex crimes took students on unsanctioned excursions. (Daily News)
  • A City Councilwoman urges the city to promote boys sports in small high schools. (Queens Chronicle)
  • The USDOE gave 10 states No Child Left Behind waivers in the first round of exemptions. (Times, WSJ)