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Rise & Shine: Student protest cuts short Walcott town hall event

  • Chancellor Walcott cut short a town hall meeting in the Bronx after students protested. (Daily News)
  • Mayoral candidates took aim at school closure policies. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook, Daily News)
  • The advocacy group NYCAN said not settling on new evaluations would cost the state $1.7 billion. (AP)
  • A campaign against a teacher who is being paid without working calculates his property holdings. (Post)
  • A bid to fire the teacher ended because the city didn’t produce sufficient evidence against him. (Post)
  • The case of George Washington HS’s baseball coach shows that the appeals process has merit. (Times)
  • Students at Alfred E. Smith High School were arrested for trying to bring a gun inside. (Post, Daily News)
  • Frank Jump, a teacher at Brooklyn’s P.S. 119, is an author, archaeologist, and AIDS activist. (Daily News)
  • More on Cambria Heights Academy parents’ fight to prevent the school’s relocation. (Daily News)
  • Lehman High School is one of 33 schools that could close and reopen under “turnaround.” (Daily News)
  • Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin: What the city needs is a voucher program for special ed. (Post)
  • Connecticut’s education chief is trying to use the state’s NCLB waiver to force policy changes. (WSJ)
  • The Obama administration wants schools to transition to using e-textbooks by 2017. (USA Today)