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Remainders: Spider-Man’s creator backs his school with a song

  • Spider-Man’s 89-year-old creator belts DeWitt Clinton HS’s fight song to defend his school. (YouTube)
  • A veteran ed reporter is looking for help making a movie about New Orleans’ schools. (Kickstarter)
  • For the first time in more than a decade, the NAACP has set a complete education agenda. (NAACP)
  • A teacher says she’d take a “bar exam” in a second if it would give her respect. (View from the Bronx)
  • NYCpublic.org is holding a session Saturday to envision a post-Bloomberg school system. (GS Calendar)
  • Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush said he’d give Obama “a passing grade” on education. (School of Thought)
  • The test-making coalition that N.Y. is not part of is enlisting students to help design exams. (EdWeek)