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Remainders: Siblings will still get preference in G&T admissions

  • The city has reversed a plan to weaken sibling priority in admissions to gifted programs. (Insideschools)
  • But not before parents from a citywide gifted school criticized the plan for dividing families. (SchoolBook)
  • A watchdog says his school’s badly done lockdown drill scared special needs students. (Horan Watch)
  • “We are looking into how this drill was conducted,” a DOE spokeswoman told GothamSchools today.
  • Charter advocates note again that co-located schools in the city are less often crowded. (Charter Center)
  • A story of two Newark schools highlights the potential benefits of school co-locations. (Hechinger Report)
  • A set of infographics show Hurricane Sandy’s lasting impact on city schools. (Liberty Street Economics)
  • A teaching assistant says she’s starting to think that teachers’s job is to become obsolete. (Blue Engine)
  • Arne Duncan will join a federal task force on violence, mental health, and other issues. (Politics K-12)
  • A student activist says data geek Nate Silver presents new opportunities for math education. (Mindshift)