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Help make GothamSchools stronger in 2013 by donating today

Dear readers,

All year, you have sent us tips, comments, and helped spread the word about our reporting. We have appreciated every single Tweet.

Now, as the year comes to a close, we have one more request — this time for a donation. Your tax-deductible contribution will ensure that in 2013, we can keep delivering the great stories you’ve come to expect, plus more and better of them, without sacrificing any of our independence.

We are about $100,000 away from meeting our 2013 goals of:

  • adding two new reporters to expand coverage in the city as well as the state legislature;
  • compensating our reporters in a way that adequately reflects the value they produce every day; and
  • building a website to deliver stories more intelligently.

With traditional journalism in a crisis, important stories are going untold. GothamSchools exists to ensure that the issue we all care about most gets the coverage it deserves.

In 2012, we wrote hundreds of news stories about the city’s schools, introduced dozens of unheard voices into the public dialogue, expanded our readership by a third, brought our virtual community into real life with a new events series, and took big steps toward financial sustainability.

But we still need the support of our readers. More than 70,000 people visit our site each month. If each of you gave $50 today, we’d meet our 2013 goal tomorrow and more.

Would you consider making a contribution of $50 toward our effort — or $100 to cover yourself and another reader? You can make a contribution online here. Together, we can make sure journalism stays strong where we need it the most.

All the best,