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Remainders: City schools are urged to revisit safety procedures

  • City schools revisited safety procedures today after Friday’s mass shooting in Connecticut. (SchoolBook)
  • A city teacher describes his school’s lockdown protocol, which he says sounds like Newtown’s. (B Niche)
  • Pedro Noguera says schools help in curbing violence because they bind society together. (New Visions)
  • Both national teachers unions got $11 million to make Common Core-aligned materials. (Teacher Beat)
  • The first-ever Congressional hearing on the “school-to-prison pipeline” drew hundreds last week. (JJIE)
  • Florida’s new schools chief says he could’ve moved slower and made friends at his old job. (Rick Hess)
  • A list of 30 impressive people under 30 in education includes app makers and organizers. (Forbes)
  • A charter school advocate ponders whether it matters what charter school leaders earn. (Flypaper)
  • A teacher who didn’t love an evaluation resolution argues that it should have been voted on. (JD2718)