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Remainders: NYC choice system cedes No.1 to Crescent City

  • New Orleans passed NYC as the district best for school choice, a think tank concluded. (Brookings)
  • CUNY professors voted overwhelmingly to nix a planned curriculum realignment. (New York World)
  • Globally, the U.S. is better than average in math, but still lags far behind many Asian nations.  (Edweek)
  • The Chicago teachers union will use satire to fight the city’s latest round of school closures. (Sun-Times)
  • Why achieving “voluntarily diverse” schools in gentrified Park Slope might be too late. (Flypaper)
  • Nicholas Kristof: Some safety net policies discourage parents from trying to help their children learn.
  • Test scores at struggling schools in Boston are up after teachers received more support. (Hechinger)
  • The city met with all 60 schools it could close and will soon decide which ones to shut. (Schoolbook)