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Remainders: A Md. superintendent calls for testing moratorium

  • The head of the country’s 17th largest district wants a three-year moratorium on testing. (Answer Sheet)
  • There may never have been a brontosaurus. Science teachers, adjust your lessons accordingly. (NPR)
  • “One test-based incentive we can all get behind”: Security procedures before and after tests. (Shanker)
  • Toys and the stores that sell them are an integral part of the class divide in children’s learning. (Times)
  • A teacher looks at recent history and sees an opening for a minority party in the UFT. (Accountable Talk)
  • A new-to-the-country high school senior has a different take on applying to college. (SchoolBook)
  • A Russian kindergarten aims to be attractive to children because of its location in an airplane. (Russo)