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Rise & Shine: Harlem charter paid severance to 33 fired staffers

  • Promise Academy Charter School paid severance to 15 teachers and 18 staffers fired last year. (Post)
  • Tough discipline fuels attrition at some charter schools, but others hold on to students. (SchoolBook)
  • Four additional city schools adopted the School of One personalized math program this year. (WSJ)
  • Some child-care centers that could have been closed will stay open another year due to Sandy. (NY1)
  • A Campaign for Fiscal Equity survey of 33 N.Y. schools found that many lack basic resources. (Times)
  • Mayor Bloomberg said schools would face steep cuts without a teacher evaluation deal. (Daily News)
  • Bloomberg also said losing state school aid over evaluations could cost other city agencies. (Post)
  • The Post says the city’s and state’s upcoming evaluation deadlines are meaningless because of the UFT.
  • The federal government is giving the city $30 million for free school lunches after Sandy. (Post)
  • After parents pushed the city to test for post-Sandy mold at P.S./M.S. 114, the city found some. (Post)
  • The members of a Bronx high school’s national title-winning chess team beat the odds. (Daily News)
  • Donna Lieberman of the NYCLU: Police officers should not be handling city schools’ discipline. (Times)
  • The Daily News praises two Brooklyn districts’ decision to engineer an economically diverse school.
  • A Texas district will be told if it can make students take part in electronic attendance tracking. (WSJ)
  • Los Angeles’s recent teacher evaluation deal means that “value-added” data won’t count. (L.A. Times)

Last week on GothamSchools:

  • Supporters of the UFT Charter School argued that their school should be allowed to stay open. (Friday)
  • Banana Kelly High School lost its principal after a tumultuous tenure of just over one year. (Friday)
  • The UFT chief told all Democratic mayoral hopefuls they can use his name in fundraising. (Thursday)
  • The city is proposing making it a little bit easier for high school students to get a transfer. (Thursday)
  • How observations will be structured and what they will look for are still under discussion. (Thursday)
  • The principal of Boys and Girls High School laid into the city at a pre-closure hearing. (Wednesday)
  • Chancellor Walcott warned that schools would suffer without a teacher evaluation deal. (Wednesday)
  • Supporters of Lehman High School defended their school, which they have practice doing. (Tuesday)
  • The prime minister of South Korea visited Democracy Prep Charter High School in Harlem. (Monday)