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Rise & Shine: Students from damaged schools make their return

  • Displaced schools had low attendance on their first day back. (GothamSchools, News, NY1, WSJ, Times)
  • New York State delayed the release of teacher ratings because of privacy issues. (Newsday via HuffPo)
  • A Vermont school, disconnected for a reason, grapples with necessary upgrades in technology. (Times)
  • Some of the evacuation space-sharing arrangements began with relatively little incident. (Schoolbook)
  • Although one high school abruptly bounced evacuees from classrooms to make way for students. (Post)
  • Students at a school-turned-evacuation center reluctantly returned after hearing it might be unsafe. (GS)
  • The new “Brooklyn Castle” documentary is a reminder that most teachers aren’t bad apples. (Post)
  • An unknown substance prompted a middle school to send 20 students to the hospital.(DNAInfo)