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Remainders: Obama's hybrid education agenda gets a boost

  • This Week in Education calls the election “a big win” for President Obama’s education reform agenda.
  • The USDOE will likely continue to heavily influence policy in Obama’s second term. (EdNews Colorado)
  • The outcomes of initiatives in South Dakota and Idaho favored teachers unions. (Teacher Beat)
  • Fewer 10 percent of students at P.S. 333, damaged by Hurricane Sandy, made it. (Core Knowledge)
  • States in the PARCC testing consortium have set a college readiness standard. (Curriculum Matters)
  • Five city high schools are still sheltering people displaced by Hurricane Sandy. (InsideSchools)
  • A Bronx teachers union chapter leader explains why he’s joined the MORE caucus. (Ed Notes)
  • An education policy director probes assumptions behind Obama’s education platform. (Answer Sheet)
  • Denver, Colo., approved new taxes to fund high-dose tutoring in schools. (Starting an Ed School)