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Rise & Shine: Some voters say no to tough-on-teachers policies

Election 2012:

  • Barack Obama won a second term as president, with much left on his education to-do list. (EdWeek)
  • Some city students at democracy-focused schools helped get out the vote Tuesday. (GothamSchools)
  • In Indiana, an educator unseated the schools chief behind tough-on-teachers policies. (StateImpact)
  • Idaho voters rejected initiatives to link test scores to bonuses and half of teachers’ ratings. (Statesman)
  • Bridgeport, Conn., voters rejected a proposal to let the mayor choose school board members. (CT Post)
  • Georgia voters approved a ballot initiative that will let the state approve charter schools. (AJC)
  • An initiative to allow charter schools in Washington State led after a first vote count. (Seattle Times)
  • Marylanders approved a state DREAM Act to help undocumented-immigrant students. (Baltimore Sun)
  • California voters approved a temporary increase in taxes to prevent deep cuts to schools. (L.A. Times)

In other news:

  • City students are likely to lose vacation days to make up for days lost to Hurricane Sandy. (Daily News)
  • As 43 schools move today, 22 others remain closed, and there are still too few buses. (GothamSchools)
  • Schools getting new locations have spent days prepping for the move. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook)
  • Some still-shut schools are in shelter sites, including one that is virus-ridden. (SchoolBook, Daily News)
  • The effort to reopen schools that were used as shelters required some evacuees to be displaced. (Times)
  • Many teachers and students spent Election Day aiding in Sandy relief. (GothamSchools, SchoolBook)
  • One school that’s back in its building, John Dewey HS, has other issues to confront. (GothamSchools)

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