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Remainders: Principal of a flooded transfer school gets her wish

  • A principal said she’d rather reopen in a flooded school than lose transfer students. (She is.) (Hechinger)
  • A teacher at a Brooklyn private school says after Sandy, students need compassion. (Motherlode)
  • Across the city, parent-teacher associations are pitching in to raise hurricane relief funds. (SchoolBook)
  • ConEd says it will take a week to restore steam heat to Lower Manhattan and its schools. (The Lo-Down)
  • A mother says getting constant updates on her son’s grades is annoying, and helpful. (FreeRange Kids)
  • A marine-themed New Haven school is squatting in temporary space where it started out. (Independent)
  • Hoboken schools might reopen on Thursday, but they also might not, after much damage. (Patch)
  • A teacher offers personal and professional reasons why he braved Friday’s commute. (NYCDOEnuts)
  • After praising her Friday workday, a teacher shares the resources her colleagues compiled. (Finkfinity)
  • An analysis of tomorrow’s national and state elections leads to an ESEA in 2015 conclusion. (Rick Hess)
  • Arthur Goldstein: “If I ran my … classes the way Walcott runs the school system, I’d resign.” (SchoolBook)