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Remainders: $1.7 billion on testing is too much or not enough

  • Nationally, $1.7 billion is spent annually on standardized testing; some say it’s not enough. (HuffPo)
  • NYU pulled the plug on a Harlem Children’s Zone-like initiative to help Newark schools. (Hechinger)
  • A teacher’s open question: “How do you combat (and … change) low teacher morale?” (B Niche)
  • Chicago teachers say they’re hopeful but not confident about performance tasks in evaluation. (Catalyst)
  • A map of charter school penetration by city shows that New York is not close to the lead. (Flypaper)
  • John Liu visited his alma mater, Queens’ P.S. 203, and met a younger version of himself. (YouTube)
  • Rick Hess: Thinking the Common Core will change everything suddenly is a mistake. (Straight Up)
  • A critic of the state’s strategy for counting student growth pans Merryl Tisch’s op/ed. (School Finance 101)
  • A teacher riffs off questions about Joel Klein’s life story to ask questions about her impact. (SchoolBook)
  • The second-term exodus from the U.S. Department is underway — at the press office. (Politics K-12)