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Rise & Shine: City says mold no issue at Sandy-affected schools

  • The city is assuring worried parents that mold is no issue in Sandy-damaged school buildings. (NY1)
  • With no safety agents on hand, schools shut because of Sandy saw expensive supplies disappear. (NY1)
  • Millennium High School returned to its building while repairs were still underway. (Downtown Express)
  • Teachers at Boys and Girls HS say the school will get yet another F if the principal stays. (Daily News)
  • A group wants research to sway mayoral hopefuls away from current schools policies. (GothamSchools)
  • Bronx Science’s volleyball coach quit to protest school sports policy before a big game. (Riverdale Press)
  • One detail in an overview of evaluation talks: Principals think their deal will get done. (SchoolBook)
  • Board of Regents Chancellor says New York City needs to agree on new evaluations already. (Post)
  • College students held a march to call for a city-union deal about new evaluations. (Columbia Spectator)
  • David Bloomfield: Gov. Andrew Cuomo should empower the Regents to effect real change. (Daily News)
  • Parents aren’t happy about plans to split school zones in Greenwich Village and Chelsea. (The Villager)
  • California wants to stop school districts from locking themselves into onerous borrowing. (WSJ)