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Rise & Shine: Few black, Latino students at elite middle schools

  • White and Asian students dominate at many of the city’s most selective city middle schools. (Daily News)
  • Located close to City Hall, Murry Bergtraum HS is in decline, and some say the city wants it to fail. (Post)
  • The Bronx High School of Medical Science isn’t letting many juniors take math or English. (DNAInfo)
  • Administrators at Harlem’s P.S. 92 were fined for keeping unruly students out of class for months. (Post)
  • In several districts with many middle-class families, rezoning plans are fomenting tension. (Times)
  • The city is investigating Bryan Davis, a District 6 parent council member, for pushing one plan. (DNAInfo)
  • The number of school-based gardens in the city has jumped from 40 to 232 in the last two years. (Times)
  • Students from a damaged Rockaway school got prime Thanksgiving Day parade seats. (Daily News)
  • The city is letting Sandy-affected students stay on track by taking online courses. (GothamSchools, NY1)
  • A student at a Queens high school relocated after Sandy is documenting his disrupted life. (SchoolBook)
  • Some Rockaways families say they worry that poor air quality could hurt students. (GothamSchools)
  • The Daily News says all of the mayoral contenders at last week’s education forum “spouted platitudes.”
  • The Daily News says the city’s latest strategies to identify giftedness in young children make no sense.
  • Efforts to increase diversity at elite Chicago high schools have made it harder to get into some. (Tribune)
  • The author of a book about an Austin, Texas, school says ranking schools hurts many of them. (Times)
  • School admission and grades can require steep bribes in China, where corruption is rampant. (Times)
  • State laws capping property tax increases mean some oil-boom towns can’t boost school funding. (WSJ)
  • In England, some schools are losing funding to pay for charter school-like “academies.” (Independent)