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Remainders: Principal quality, turnarounds top federal agenda

  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan said principal quality will be a second term priority. (Politics K-12)
  • NJ Gov. Christie and teachers union chief Weingarten discuss the merit pay contract. (Morning Joe)
  • Report: NJ’s teacher evaluation approach could be challenged by capacity limitations. (Hechinger)
  • City & State calls NYSUT’s Dick Iannuzzi a ‘winner’ for giving $4.5 million to state senate races.
  • A government report shows New Mexico’s salary tier system may be ineffective. (Teacher Beat)
  • A performance group created a comic webseries about the teaching profession. (TEACHERS)
  • Two New Jersey teachers share their Common Core curriculum ideas. (Learning Network Blog)
  • USDOE is giving $50,000 to Aurora Public Schools to help shooting recovery efforts. (USDOE)