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On Monday, learn how mayoral hopefuls would rule the schools

The end of the 2012 election season means that the 2013 campaign season has begun. In New York City, all eyes are on who will succeed Mayor Bloomberg after 12 years in charge of the city — and, uniquely among city mayors, of its schools.

Will the next mayor preserve Bloomberg’s policies? Or will he or she be less friendly to charter schools, more welcoming of parent input in decision-making, or less critical of the teachers union? The Democratic contenders for the mayoral nomination have six months to differentiate themselves on these issues and more.

On Monday, GothamSchools will play a role in trying to figure out just how each of the candidates would rule the schools. Along with Lindsey Christ of NY1, I’ll be moderating a panel on education policy featuring all six likely candidates.

Manhattan Media (whose owner, Tom Allon, is one of the candidates) is putting on the panel before its annual Blackboard Awards, with the support of sponsors who include the New York City Charter School Center and the UFT. (Find all of the details here.)

We only have an hour to grill the candidates, and we’ve already come up with a number of questions to ask. But we’re happy to take suggestions for others — let us know by leaving a comment.

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