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News quiz: Catching up on what happened before the hurricane

Much like the rest of New York City, for the last two weeks, we’ve been focused almost exclusively on Hurricane Sandy‘s effects on the city’s schools. Now, while Sandy’s aftermath will continue to be an education story for a long time, we’re also getting back to work on other stories that we’ve been following.

It feels like it was far more than three weeks ago that we were publishing stories about college-readiness rates, a city middle school initiative, and how the Department of Education does — or does not — use test scores.

If we needed a refresher, our guess is that our readers need one, too. So we created GothamSchools’ first-ever news quiz:

Answers: First day of school, Touro College, ATRs, DOE request, Fort Hamilton, Nobel laureate, NEST+m, charter network leader, unfulfilled promises, turnaround funds, new initiative, school closures, literacy anchor, college readiness, and the use of data.

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