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Rise & Shine: School lunch fees could rise to close budget gap

  • Raising school lunch fees is one of the city’s proposed strategies for closing a budget gap. (TimesPost)
  • One Far Rockaway family’s story shows how hard it is for storm-affected families to get to school. (NY1)
  • More city schools will reopen in their own buildings on Tuesday. (GothamSchoolsDaily NewsNY1)
  • Mayor Bloomberg is planning to dock the pay of city workers who didn’t report during Sandy. (WSJ)
  • Families in some schools have had to weigh the value of school against a lack of heat inside. (Times)
  • Among teachers that arbitrators declined to fire is one who let a second-grader get lost for hours. (Post)
  • After cutting its test monitoring program, the city now seems poised to bulk it back up. (GothamSchools)
  • The Times praises federal authorities for taking up the complaint against the city’s elite high school test.
  • Nationally, school closures are up 60 percent in the last decade, angering some communities. (Reuters)

Last week on GothamSchools:

  • Some city school board members said the city is getting back to business too soon after Sandy. (Friday)
  • City attendance and enrollment data underscore a class divide on the Rockaway peninsula. (Thursday)
  • A city high school that embraces the water was fortunate not to be flooded during Sandy. (Thursday)
  • Attendance was low all week in schools that relocated sites because of storm damage. (Wednesday)
  • Students in a building that was used as a shelter said they were nervous about returning. (Wednesday)
  • Teachers at a Brooklyn school that got its building back quickly said many issues remained. (Tuesday)
  • Students at democracy-themed charter schools spent Election Day trying to get out the vote. (Tuesday)
  • Teachers and families also used Election Day to volunteer or raise funds for Sandy relief. (Tuesday)
  • Schools across the city scrambled to create space-sharing plans, including in Red Hook. (Tuesday)
  • City Council and union officials said they were worried about new co-location logistics. (Monday)
  • The city reversed a short-lived ban on letting some charter schools open on Election Day. (Monday)
  • Schools officials stood at each closed building to redirect families as schools reopened. (Monday)