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Remainders: A hundred books to read (or be read) before age 6

  • Mike Petrilli compiled a “kindergarten canon” of books all 5-year-olds should read or be read. (Flypaper)
  • Chancellor Walcott finished 18th in his age group in a half-marathon on Sunday. (S.I. Advance)
  • To back up its CEO’s Post op/ed, the NYC Charter School Center crunches progress reports. (NYC CSC)
  • The Common Core is making inroads in private schools, too, particularly in Catholic schools. (EdWeek)
  • Hawaii and its teachers union still don’t have a contract, making a strike sound possible. (Teacher Beat)
  • Here’s another take on what makes good feedback, now with students as the recipients. (Eric Horowitz)
  • Chicago won’t be combining district and charter school applications this year after all. (Russo)
  • New York colleges would have to change if the Supreme Court rolls back affirmative action. (NY World)
  • Voters will decide whether the mayor of Bridgeport, Conn., should control the school board. (Conn. Post)
  • Two points on the city’s progress reports: Their instability is inherent and the grades are unfair. (Shanker)
  • Another take on Digital Citizenship Day looks at high schoolers’ approach to social media. (Schoolbook)
  • There’s a lot of dragging and dropping in sample computerized test questions out now. (Hechinger)

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