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Remainders: Tracking the 300,000-teacher job-loss gap

  • Around 40 percent of public sector job loss came from K-12 education over the last four years. (EPI)
  • A political reporter takes a look at the Department of Education’s progress reports. (Capital NY)
  • Eric Nadelstern says his former employer “squandered” Race to the Top funding. (Schoolbook)
  • An advocate of play argues that Big Bird means much more than Mitt Romney thinks. (Psych Today)
  • A PR firm used by edu activists finds education tanked Bloomberg’s polling. (Brooklyn Strategies)
  • An argument that smaller class sizes and charter schools benefit the same students most. (Eric Horowitz)
  • A reminder from a parent that activities such as “lunch” can lead to gains as well. (GS Community)
  • A data cruncher gives a primer on how to “maximize” scores on progress reports. (DataCation)
  • The Staten Island Advance ponders what the school progress reports really mean to S.I. parents.
  • A childhood in poverty, drug-riddled Bushwick and virtually no school, in pictures. (Lens)

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