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Remainders: Please join us for “Brooklyn Castle” on Sunday!

  • Don’t forget our special showing of “Brooklyn Castle” on Sunday. It’s gotten great reviews! (GS Calendar)
  • Students featured in the film, now in high school, have joined the promotional effort. (Schoolbook)
  • The city is giving a new test for giftedness this year, and the sample questions are tough. (Metropolis)
  • The finalists have been named in this year’s city high school journalism awards contest. (Newsies)
  • Tension inside a shared school building is building over a carpet shampooer. (Inside Colocation)
  • A California school has an unlikely mix of poor students, technology, and parent engagement. (Atlantic)
  • An unlikely analogy compares education technology to America’s Test Kitchen. (Starting an Ed School)
  • Parents in Queens are worried that new schools set for Hunters Point won’t be big enough. (DNAInfo)
  • A yearlong “parent trigger” fight in California ended Thursday with a decision to go charter. (Hechinger)
  • Teacher pay experiments aren’t disappearing. This week’s news: Newark and Michigan. (Teacher Beat)
  • A Brooklyn principal says data can help educators be more effective but doesn’t solve it all. (Schoolbook)