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Open House: Bayside HS

Open Houses will be held at Bayside High School at 7:00 PM on both Tuesday, October 23rd and Thursday, November 1st.

The school, which recently celebrated its 77th Anniversary, received over 15,700 applications in last year’s two rounds; about 22 applicants for each seat.

“A” rated on its Progress Report and “Well-Developed” on its most recent Quality Review, Bayside’s development of seven unique programs of study: Digital Art & Design; Music Performance & Production; Humanities & Historical Research; Computer Programming & Web Design; International & Cultural Relations; and Sports Medicine & Management offer audition, screened, limited unscreened and education option programs designed to capture a diversity of interest.

Further information is available from:

Director of Student Recruitment Melissa Haroutunian– MHaroutunian@schools.nyc.gov or Parent Coordinator Sarah Milunec– SMilunec@schools.nyc.gov