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Remainders: Being Banana Kelly High School's principal hurts

  • Banana Kelly HS’s principal has been both pepper-sprayed and shot with a BB gun on the job. (DNAInfo)
  • Seven New Yorkers share what they really think about the city’s progress reports. (Room for Debate)
  • One of the new Nobel prize winners graduated from Bronx Science, bringing its tally to eight. (City Room)
  • Parents in District 2 are set to consider rezoning plans for the second time in two years. (Schoolbook)
  • Some parents in Boston want the city to keep using busing to integrate its public schools. (Atlantic)
  • The Supreme Court’s affirmative action case is really about how much diversity is enough. (Hechinger)
  • In the latest post in his series on starting a school, teacher Steve Lazar talks Ted Sizer. (GS Community)
  • Here’s an argument that the UFT Charter School proves that unions and charters can’t mix. (Flypaper)
  • A teacher describes the unsettling experience of talking to a student who is down on life. (Jose Vilson)
  • A new report about Teach for America argues that an NCLB scare steered the group into politics. (AEI)
  • An advocate of “education reform” praises a critic’s take on instructional rigor. (Common Core Watch)
  • Fourteen independents are running for president; some of them have education platforms. (Politics K-12)
  • NCLB might have been discredited, but its focus on data is alive and well in many places. (Shanker)
  • New York’s teacher of the year is from upstate; only six NYC teachers have won since 1965. (GS Twitter)

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