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Remainders: Report from Lehman's closed-off closure meeting

  • A report from a journalist who wasn’t shut out of Lehman’s first closure meeting. (Bronx Press Politics)
  • The new voice of “Dora the Explorer” is a public school student from Sunnyside, Queens. (Post)
  • The principal of Manhattan’s I.S. 89 is an avid tennis player and viewer who dislikes violent TV. (Times)
  • Urban parents who homeschool say the choice represents the ultimate in differentiation. (Newsweek)
  • For the first time, the city has published a full directory of elementary school programs. (Insideschools)
  • A primer on the city’s new sex ed curriculum the day before its mandate kicks in. (WNYC/SchoolBook)
  • Charter parent activist Mona Davids’s daughter says, “My mother is my lobbyist.” (
  • An official with the city’s all-girls Public Prep charter schools is accused of stealing funds. (SchoolBook)
  • Photos from a Cobble Hill school building as a charter school prepares to move in. (Inside Colocation)
  • A city teacher laments that teachers are taught to “shut up and teach” without protest. (GS Community)
  • Policy changes in the last few years have causedEast Village schools to become less diverse. (DNA Info)
  • The Gates Foundation says characteristics, not size, make small schools succeed. (Impatient Optimists)
  • The product of a Maryland district’s choice program on her mother’s non-ideological choices. (Atlantic)

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