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Rise & Shine: Hundreds of city schools checking for plagiarism

News from New York City:

  • More than 150 city schools are using software and online services to detect students’ plagiarism. (Post)
  • A teacher evaluation deal seems to be nearing at the state level. (GothamSchools, Daily News, WSJ)
  • An explainer of the teacher evaluation situation and why a state deal won’t solve things in the city. (WSJ)
  • At the state level, the dispute has been about the weight of test scores in teacher evaluations. (NY1)
  • Gina Bellafante: All of the fighting hides the fact that unions and officials pretty much agree. (Times)
  • Many people at Satellite III blame a short-term principal for the city’s closure plan. (GothamSchools)
  • A Boys & Girls HS basketball star made a rare choice to play for a city rather than Catholic school. (WSJ)
  • The city is withholding a month’s rent for a rundown Bronx building that houses P.S. 315. (Daily News)
  • An online tutoring program is a boon for schools in the Bronx and other hard-to-get-to places. (Times)
  • Arthur Goldstein: Teachers aren’t in it for the money, so merit pay increases are an offense. (Daily News)
  • The Post says the city’s low college readiness rate is proof that more teachers should be fired.
  • Gabe Pressman: Bloomberg’s decade in charge of schools means he’s to blame for poor results. (NBC NY)
  • Michael Goodwin: The city and state should be more aggressive about firing weak teachers. (Daily News)

And beyond:

  • Michael Winerip: The state won Race to the Top, but local districts must shoulder implementation. (Times)
  • Chicago’s push to extend the school day is costing the city lots of money it hadn’t set aside. (Times)
  • Gov. Cuomo lambasted a Long Island special education consultant’s very high income. (Daily News)
  • Connecticut’s largest teachers union kicked off an ad campaign during the New York Giants game. (WSJ)
  • Nicholas Kristof: A 1950’s teacher’s impact proves teachers need higher pay and accountability. (Times)
  • The Washington Post endorses Cuomo’s efforts at “shaking up an educational bureaucracy” in New York.

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