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Remainders: Explaining the bombshell that Bloomberg dropped

Confused about what’s going on post-State of the City? A rundown:

  • An overview of the education content (a lot of it!) in Mayor Bloomberg’s address. (GothamSchools)
  • First reactions — mostly negative, but not DFER and Cuomo — to the surprises. (GothamSchools)
  • Why the mayor thinks the city can get federal dollars the state had said were blocked. (GothamSchools)
  • A glimpse into life inside one of the 33 schools that may or may not lose half its staff. (GothamSchools)
  • How the UFT plans to resuscitate negotiations, and why it thinks Bloomberg’s wrong. (GothamSchools)
  • A TV news appearance gave GothamSchools the chance to condense the day into 90 seconds. (WPIX)
  • One word to summarize diverse characterizations of the speech: “chutzpah.” (SchoolBook)
  • A rundown of previous promises Bloomberg has made in States of the City past. (SchoolBook)
  • UFT: Many schools on the list of those the mayor wants to overhaul have strong staffs. (Edwize)

And our usual Remainders fare:

  • Fred Wilson, venture capitalist, on how he came to fund a new software-themed high school. (VC in NYC)
  • A board member of the school, whose jobs board we kinda copied, explains his vision. (JoelOnSoftware)
  • A girl was killed after a car hit her on walk home from school with a crossing guard present. (Gothamist)
  • The incredible end to a middle school basketball game argues for saving school sports. (Forbes)
  • Khan Academy scoops talent off YouTube, and an experiment to use the site in the classroom. (dy/dan)
  • Concerns about the NEA’s investments in nonprofits, from teacher ed to civil rights groups. (Ed Next)
  • Diane Ravitch will speak in Sacramento, home of one of her dearest rivals, Michelle Rhee. (Ferlazzo)
  • Twelve education activists to watch in 2012 include Matt Damon, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Randi. (TIME)

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