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Remainders: UFT again accuses city of bad faith on evaluations

  • UFT: The city must never have intended to broker a teacher evaluation deal at all. (Leo Casey)
  • The mayor will deliver his State of the City at Morris High School in the Bronx. (SchoolBook)
  • Last time the mayor gave his big speech at a school, he didn’t mention schools much at all. (GS)
  • A report says the U.S. should take a page from Her Majesty’s school Inspectorate. (Ed Sector)
  • Investigators charged a teacher with faking jury duty to miss 15 days over nine months. (GS Scribd)
  • Chicago teachers are experimenting with Japanese “lesson study.” (HechingerWBEZ)
  • A new book argues that textbooks undermine efforts to improve education. (Curriculum Matters)
  • StudentsFirst, Michelle Rhee’s advocacy organization, has many parent members. (Russo)
  • RTTT implementation is moving more steadily in Ohio, but challenges remain. (Ohio Gadfly)
  • Alternative teacher prep attracts more male candidates and people of color. (Ed Money Watch)
  • A paper on the costs of “blended learning” models leaves questions. (Fordham PDF, Flypaper)