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Rise & Shine: Process begins to shutter 'struggling' schools

  • Twenty schools were notified they are on an initial ‘struggling schools list.’ (GothamSchools, Times, NY1)
  • Report found widespread fraud worth millions in a DOE tech contract. (Times, WSJ, Daily News, Post)
  • Gonzalez, who first wrote about the contract, says officials were either complicit or clueless. (Daily News)
  • Toxin tests at P.S. 51 could be inconclusive because of delayed response. (The Riverdale Express)
  • Microsoft partnership with state helps relieve budget cuts to online teacher training. (GothamSchools)
  • Parents of a Brooklyn charter school say their children aren’t getting basic school supplies. (Daily News)
  • More New Yorkers approve of mayoral control since Dennis Walcott took over as Chancellor. (NY1)
  • School budget cuts are forcing some teachers to seek help through online charity web sites. (Daily News)
  • Students and teachers across the country join a movement to lift school bans on some web sites. (Times)
  • A Christopher Columbus campus principal is being investigated for harassing female faculty. (News 12)
  • Iowa education chief is under fire with ethics committee for accepting a trip from Pearson. (Gazette)