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Remainders: Success, KIPP networks get federal help to expand

  • Two city charter networks are among a small group getting federal dollars to expand. (Hechinger)
  • Meet the Tiffany Lopez Test: Do reform efforts help the most motivated poor children? (Pondiscio)
  • A contractor with the city violated contracts and defrauded the city for millions. (Daily News)
  • StoryCorp’s big oral history of Americans talking about teachers is coming soon. (Ed.gov)
  • Coaching is in the spotlight; here’s a Q+A with an instructional coach. (Larry Ferlazzo)
  • Duncan will make a major teacher education announcement this Friday in DC. (Quick and the Ed)
  • Obama reminded students that they are “this country’s future” in his back-to-school speech. (NPR)
  • The Alabama law requiring schools to collect students’ immigration status will stand. (EdWeek)
  • In ethnically diverse districts, teachers at schools with more minorities get lower salaries. (Teacher Beat)
  • Singapore’s head of education is pushing a new program focused on character and “grit.” (Hechinger)