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Seeking your input as we map out the future of GothamSchools

Readers, we have some questions for you.

Should we export GothamSchools to other cities? Should we do more coverage out of Albany? Is the comments section a welcome forum for honest conversation and real accountability — or did reading that description make you laugh out loud? What about the Community section?

These questions and more are part of a new survey that we’d love for you to take. The survey, meantime, is part of our ongoing efforts to keep GothamSchools alive and well. Lately, we’ve been working with a partner in that endeavor: EdNews Colorado, a news site covering education in Colorado (think RockyMountainSchools-dot-org), and this survey is one of our joint efforts.

We believe strongly that we should not have any beliefs about education (and indeed, the last time we surveyed you, we found that a majority of you agree with us that we have succeeded at being objective). But the one belief that we and EdNews unashamedly share is that successful school improvement efforts will require high-quality, independent journalism. And we know that far too little such journalism exists today. But we need your help figuring out how to build up education’s Fourth Estate.

Please take the survey, and leave any other thoughts (as always) in the comments section.

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